100 Miles of Mirrors

Finally, some good news about global warming!

But first, here's the bad news: if we continue to burn coal to make electric power past the year 2030, we will guarantee that the West Antarctic Ice Shelf (on the South Pole) will melt. This in turn will raise the sea level by 25 feet by the end of this century - so high that many island nations will disappear - cities like Miami, London and New York will be UNDERWATER.

Now for the good news; if we stop burning coal we still have a chance take payday loans from https://idploans.com/. This must happen very soon – and the replacement for coal must be indentified and planned for in the next few years or we will have no chance.

The really good news is that this replacement for killer coal already exists and is ready to go.

Its the new version of Solar Power, called Solar Thermal. This Solar Power is not the panels you put on your roof. Solar Thermal uses mirrors to focus the sun’s heat, boil water and uses the steam to turn a traditional power generating turbine - just like coal. The extra heat generated can now be stored efficiently; this keeps power coming 24 hours per day, 7 days a week - just like coal. Some big differences…Solar Power gives off zero carbon emissions, and uses a fuel that is absolutely free – nothing like coal.

You’re worried about cost? Already the price for solar thermal is fully competitive with all current power sources.
And, when coal power is required to be clean, this Solar Power will be much cheaper than coal.

But cost is not the only issue - we must keep our eyes on the prize - how do we keep the polar ice from melting and save our cities? Can this new Solar Power with mirrors replace coal in time?

Here is more good news…yes, a utility size installation of mirrors takes less than 2 years to build up. AND here is the best news of all:

It will only take 100 miles by 100 miles of these mirror installations to supply the entire US electrical grid. That’s right, 100 miles of mirrors - the entire US grid. Arizona and Nevada have plenty of available empty land for this - 7 times more square miles than we need. A one hundred mile square in the Sahara desert can supply electricity to all of Europe and in China their western deserts have an abundance of usable space.

You ask, has this been tested? Is it real? Yes, this new Solar Power is very real – public utilities are building solar thermal mirror array power plants in Nevada, California
Arizona and Spain right now. And a giant Solar Thermal project called DESERTEC is now underway in the Sahara which will bring to Europe 15% of their electricity.

But now for some more bad news; this current progress is too little and too slow. At this rate we will never make it - at this pace catastrophe is certain.

So what can you do? We, the people, must demand these 100 miles of mirrors. It’s not a lot to ask to prevent unspeakable disaster. We must demand from our leaders that they do whatever it takes to just build these 100 miles of mirrors, which will allow us to stop burning this killer coal. Contact your legislators, enlighten your friends and favorite bloggers and talk show hosts, and tell them all to spread the word.

When you call a talk radio show, say "did you know that only 100 Miles of Mirrors completely replaces coal and supplies 100% of the US electric grid? If we don't replace coal by 2030 we lose New York and Miami. This will get it done - what else will do the job? Click on www.100milesofmirrors.com to get more info" and then talk more about it. Say "100 Miles of Mirrors is not that much to build to save us from disaster".
Other, more complicated, plans you may have heard about are too complicated to generate the necessary public clamor to replace coal by 2030. But we now have a great catchy phrase that says it all: 100 Miles of Mirrors. Its simple enough to catch fire.

Lets start now. 100 Miles of Mirrors. Demand it NOW.